Year: 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up

President Trump is closing out a good month that caps what has been a phenomenal first year of his administration – though this is something the media refuses to report. 

Here is a list of the Trump Administration’s many accomplishments for 2017 – what would you say is the President’s biggest success story this year? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

And as the President and conservatives in Congress offer the country a nice Christmas present in the form of tax relief, let’s think ahead a bit: What do you think is the best “gift” President Trump and Congress could give taxpayers in 2018? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll, and there are plenty of important issues for our elected officials to tackle.

With Nancy Pelosi leading the way, Democrats deserve a lump of coal for their unhinged response to the Trump tax cuts. Why are they so panicked? Rush Limbaugh has a theory that I agree with – basically, the left are terrified that tax cuts will actually strengthen the country.

In truth, nearly every household will receive a tax cut, and taxpayers will start seeing the benefits almost immediately. So when you see the media’s endless stories about how unpopular tax cuts are with the American people, remember these two words: Fake News.

Meanwhile the media’s silence is deafening when it comes to truly outrageous collusion between a U.S. president and a corrupt foreign entity – namely, President Obama’s pandering to Hezbollah to get his Iran deal passed. 

The United Nations’ behavior is scandalous as well, but fortunately America no longer takes this sort of hatred lying down.

Meanwhile Bill de Blasio is dreaming of a government takeover of the New York media; Hillary Clinton is seen as a Grinch by more and more Americans; visions of high taxes dance in Andrew Cuomo’s head this Christmas; all Kirsten Gillibrand wants for Christmas is to have her cake and eat it too; and oh what fun it is to watch Chuck Schumer beg for attention. 

Who do you think ranks highest on Santa’s “NOT NICE” list for 2017? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

We’ll see you again in the new year – until then, the Conservative Party wishes you and your family  a very Merry Christmas and many blessings for 2018.

Daily Update

All the Trump Tax Bill needs now is his signature.  The naysayers were besides themselves, not  even capable of giving President Trump a “let’s hope this plan works.”  People like Senator Schumer, before voting and during the vote, did his best to shame the GOP and misrepresent the bill to Americans.    However, some who did not support Donald J. Trump’s run, have given the man credit for doing what is best for all of America.  The NY Sun gives President Trump a thumbs up; Jim Geraghty, in his Morning Jolt, gives Americans the Armageddon Updates;   Howard Kurtz says that sound you hear is “ice cracking around the media narrative surrounding President Trump,”  and Rich Lowry who writes in National Review, Give Trump Credit Where It’s Due

President Donald J Trump:  Kudos on a good year, may your best year lie ahead for America.

One of President Trump’s shinning stars:  Haley Hammers the UN: America Doesn’t Pay for the Privilege of Being Disrespected.

The NY Post says you can save a bundle on your taxes if you do thisHowever, before you do, please check with the experts, since Fortune indicated that this loop hole was closedSee paragraph 3 in the article. 

City schools’ chancellor Carmen Fariña is expected to announce her retirement.  Unfortunately, even under a new school chancellor, things will most likely remain the same as Mayor de Blasio has an iron grip on the chancellor due to his relationship with the teacher’s union.

This may be the most outlandish statement from Mayor de Blasio he has had the audacity to say out loud.  He certainly let his true socialistic bordering on communistic beliefs be truthfully displayed.  What dictator wouldn’t want the press to be under his control?   

A Judge gives Melissa Mark-Viverito a final slapdown.

There is only one way to change this:  NYC’s highest earners would be better off in Florida under new tax bill.  Cut spending and lower New York’s taxesEliminate the job killing regulations and taxes.  Reduce the unfunded mandates on local governments.  Are you listening Governor Cuomo and all the Members of the Legislature?

There are ways to accomplish the “impossible,” as Robert P. Astorino points out in his Op-Ed in the NY Post.

This, however, will only continue to push people out of New York State. Does the Governor ever learn from his mistakes?   Here is another huge mistake by Governor Cuomo and one that he hopes to saddle NY tax payers with even more debt.  This wasteful spending must end. 

Another not-well-thought-out idea Governor Cuomo plans to try and sell New Yorkers. 

With all of Governor Cuomo’s progressive  ideas being put forward one has to ask:  Is this Governor Cuomo’s  goal?

The NY Post opines on the Governor’s pointless MTA blame game. 

Uber pretends to be altruistic while in reality they would stand to gain monetarily. 

Really, Mr. Giambra?  See what Chairman Long has to say about his possible candidacy here

One day late:  Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.  

Daily Update

Four years ago,, Governor Andrew Cuomo persuaded former Governor Pataki to co-chair his tax-cutting commission along with SUNY chairman Carl McCall, the former state comptroller.  Gov. Cuomo said appointing Pataki shows the panel will take in to account diverse view points and work in a bi-partisan partisan manner, unlike President Obama and Congress who had just let the federal government shut down.  Cuomo wanted the commission to come up with recommendations to reduce New York’s sky- high property tax burden and lower businesses taxes. Four years later New York still has sky high property and business taxes, but now, Governor Cuomo says it would be “preferable” to shut down the federal government if Congress passes the tax overhaul legislation.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo had four years to rectify the sky-high property and business taxes; but, now he is skewering the federal government for doing what he failed to accomplish.  The last thing Governor Cuomo wants to do in an election year is to cut spending which he acknowledges is what will have to be done, “If this tax bill actually gets passed,” Cuomo said, “it’s going to make the need to reduce property taxes even more urgent.”   The NYS Budget negotiations will be very attention-grabbing this year.

Guy Benson had this to say about the tax bill proposal:  Analysis: With Final Passage Likely, Tax Reform Delivers Conservative Policy Victories and Dishonest Liberal Hysteria.  And this:  Analysis from Left-Leaning Tax Policy Center: Actually, 80 Percent of Americans Get a Tax Cut Under GOP Plan.

Today the House, tonight the Senate.   Here is the Fox News report on the House Passage of the Tax Bill.  What the Tax Cut and Jobs Act Bill means to you.   (Photo Credit:  NBC News)

Jonathan S. Tobin opines in today’s NY Post:  Now, this is presidential obstruction.  

The Bangladeshi would-be bomber — a walking ad for Trump’s immigration policies.  

Trump’s national security strategy emphasizes economic prosperity and border protection.  Former Sen. Joe Lieberman had this to say:  America First, Trump’s Right.  Read this short (2 minute read) from the White House.  

Al Franken’s ability to ‘un-resign’ may be possible.

Charles Hurt:  Obama produced sinister miniseries for Democrats.  

With count complete, feds can start eliminating billions of dollars in wasted property.   (How did we ever become owners of these places in the first place?)

Daily Update

Many New Yorkers and others considered Governor Mario Cuomo an eloquent speaker.  The Huffington Post called Mario Cuomo one of the greatest orators in American History.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has been trying to emulate him all his life; he does not even come close.  Last week’s response  to an established Albany reporter may have damaged his quixotic national quest to accomplish what his father did not crave.  Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo called the President’s tax bill “economic civil war.”  This from the man who proudly pits different regions in New York State against one another to be awarded coveted economic grants (that normally do not produce the promised results.)  Eloquent, hardly.  Political hyperbole, absolutely. 

The NY Post editorial opined that Governor Andrew Cuomo (and others who fall back on Bill Clinton’s prowess for fundraising) have a Bill Clinton problem.     

The projected NYS Budget deficit, currently estimated at $4.4 B, indicates that this will be a difficult year for all the special interest lobbyists who are always whining they need more money.  The cupboard is bare bones bare; be prepared for cuts not handouts, despite the promises being aired for political gain.  This idea would put even more small business out of business, creating an atmosphere where no one is working – or paying taxes — a catch-22 situation. 

The Citizens’ Budget Commission has a few questions for the Governor regarding the upcoming budget.  One thing I have not come across yet is, with interest rates slowly climbing, how much more will that cost taxpayers and how can New Yorkers possibly incur more debt. 

The Daily Signal is reporting that arrests of MS-13 Members, Associates are up 83% Under Trump.  This is great news.  Here is what President Trump said, “To any member of MS-13 listening, I have a message for you: We will find you. We will arrest you. We will jail you. We will throw you the hell out of the country,” speaking at the graduation ceremony for the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Here is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s response to the M-13:  Let’s use $15 M of taxpayer’s money to enroll at-risk youth in social and educational programs.  Seriously, Governor?  Do you really think social and educational programs are going to stop this? 

As we noted last week, empathy does not produce good policy

Another hypocrite the left leaning media love and fail to fully expose.  

But sometimes some pf the left leaning media due their best to expose the evil that needs to be exposed

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week the hunt for Trump/Russia connections continued to look more and more like a partisan witch hunt. It’s a sad day when Americans have to wonder if it was their FBI, not any foreign government, meddling in the country’s presidential election. 

It is hard to tell what’s the most alarming part of this saga – the incompetence, the corruption, or the FBI’s obvious pro-Clinton bias in 2016. Is it time to investigate the investigators? 

How would you describe your views on the FBI after this Trump investigation debacle? And how much have you lost trust in the FBI? Those are the first two questions in our new Weekly Poll. 

The Russia investigation is just one example of the left’s crusade against President Trump – here is another to remember for the liberals’ next batch of accusations against him.

This horrifying video foreshadows what’s to come in New York if “assisted suicide” is allowed to fully take hold. Do we really want Andrew Cuomo calculating how much each of us is worth?

As more signs point to a Trump economic recovery, will the GOP finally get tax relief over the finish line? Betsy McCaughey sees a lot to like but plenty of missed opportunities too. “The GOP tax bill gets an A for business tax reform,” she notes. “But it gets an ‘incomplete’ for failing to simplify the mind-numbing agony of filing taxes as an individual.”

This week the left had yet another meltdown – I’ve lost count of how many they’ve had since Tuesday, November 8 – this time over the end of so-called “Net Neutrality.” Here is what that means for the Internet (hint: It’s not the end of the world).

Speaking of our Weekly Poll, the Conservative Party had a scare this week when our online survey was suddenly out of commission for a while. The problem was resolved, but I wondered – who could have been responsible? Was the Alabama election Moore than we could handle? Was it the media’s favorite villain, Donald Trump?  Was Hillary trying to keep things quiet? Was our poll just not good enough for Marco Rubio?

I’ve rounded up the usual (and some unusual) suspects; vote on your favorite culprit in our third and final Weekly Poll question. Have fun with it – and have a great weekend!

Daily Update

Yesterday, one of the NY Post editorials headlines read, “Time to stop dodging the press, Gov. Cuomo.”   I’m fairly certain that Governor Cuomo wishes he had dodged the press yesterday as he inability to hide his contempt for being questioned became the news of the day.  When longtime Albany journalist, Karen DeWitt asked what his administration could do differently regarding the wave of sexual harassment allegations, Governor Cuomo admonished Ms. DeWitt.   Gov. Andrew Cuomo  said it was a societal issue and never answered the question directly, despite the fact that one of his appointees, former state economic development official Sam Hoyt, who resigned recently amid an investigation of a complaint about a relationship with a former state employee.  Mr. Hoyt, while in the Assembly was barred from participating in the Assembly internship and student mentoring program in 2008 after engaging in a relationship with an intern beginning in 2003.  (Photo credit:  AP)

Bombshell report from Comptroller DiNapoli:  State debt is debt is projected to reach $63.7 billion by the end of the fiscal year.  Comptroller DiNapoli on Thursday re-upped a series of borrowing reform proposals, including requiring voter approval of all borrowing, a proposal the Conservative Party has had in its platform for many years.  In fact, most of his propositions have been long held proposals called for in our Legislative Platform. 

More bad news for taxpayers:  Unfunded Liabilities of State Public Pensions Top $6 Trillion in 2017…New York state among the five worst. 

Notwithstanding the budget gloom hovering over New York State, Governor Andrew “Hunger Games” Cuomo continued to hand out economic development awards as he has since 2011.  Unfortunately, the return is sluggish at best…a waste of taxpayers’ money at worst.  Time for taxpayers to speak up and end this colossal waste of our money. 

This text, sent on August 15, 2016   – “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40…,” set off quite the firestorm.  Bryon York writes about it in the Washington Examiner and Ben Shapiro writes about it in the Daily Wire.  Is it the text that may wound the special investigation beyond repair?  When Peter Strzok appears before Congress – if he does –will we be told what he meant or will he plead the fifth?  One thing is certain, special prosecutor Mueller, by filling his team with political activists(albeit, he did fire some) he has set himself up to tarnish his own  once sterling reputation

David Keen opines on what happens when Trump associates won’t “co-operate.”

Daily Update

Assemblyman Brian Kolb, the Republican Leader of the NYS Assembly, is the first republican to officially announce his run for Governor in November of 2018.  Brian Kolb was first elected to the Assembly in a special election in 2000 and became Leader in 2009.   He resides in Canandaigua, New York and has a Masters from Roberts Wesleyan College and was co-founder of North American Filter Corp, as well as the Former President/COO of Refractron Technologies Corp. 

The Hill is reporting that the republican leaders in Congress have reached an agreement on the tax bill.  It is also being reported that they hope to vote on the bill next week.  The Empire Center  says there is little for NY in the latest fed tax twist…this, however, is due to the burdensome taxes imposed by the state by an administration that believes government should be our parents, landlord, educator, health care professionals and entertainment overlord.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey opines that sex vigilantes trash due process.  It amazes me that women have forgotten how to stand up to sexual innuendoes that only empower men to continue.  Without doubt, there are men who should be given a diet of saltpeter, but women should not revel in being victims.  How can victims be leaders in business, politics, or life?

WOW.  No wonder SP Mueller had to fire him.  Here is the Washington Times take on this astounding exchange of emails.  With all of this NY Congressman Jerold Nadler has the temerity to defend him.   Congressman, you may have been thinking that, but certainly not those who put President Trump in office. 

While everyone can  sympathize with this problem, is it government’s responsibility to bailout pension funds.  Think about it for a minute.  Government would be paying its citizens social security AND failed pensions.  Government is out of control in its quest to provide everything for every person.  Why work?  And if everyone adopts a Why Work attitude…who will pay government who then pays the citizens.  Government pensions are facing financial problems as well as the private pensions covered in this article; will they be the next to be bailed out?  How do you say yes to private pensions and no to public pensions? When and, more importantly, how will it end once if it is allowed to begin?  (Editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel, cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star.)

 Entitlement reform may be coming, however, the entitlements that truly need reform may not be on the agenda.    

It is time to end the VISA lottery.  

How many college presidents earn $1 million a year.  No wonder students struggle to pay for tuition debt. 

Mayor de Blasio’s latest solution for the homeless:  NYC prepared to use eminent domain to buy buildings for the homeless

Propaganda Works: Majority of Americans Now Believe the GOP Bill Will Raise Their Taxes. They’re Wrong.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.  

Daily Update

You have to give Speaker Carl Heastie credit for transparency, at least on this issue.   The NY Post editorial advises readers that the Speaker is meeting with UFT chief Michael Mulgrew to discuss the upcoming legislative session.  Rest assured Speaker Heastie will toe the union line…and that most likely means undermining Charter Schools that are working miracles in high-poverty, minority neighborhoods.  Thanks to his being transparent, we are forewarned and can also organize resistance. 

The Daily Signal reminds us that the First Amendment is under as much assault as the Second Amendment.  Our Founding Fathers scarcely envisioned what life would be like in the 21st century, but they certainly understood how important the basic tenants of freedom would be throughout the years.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is quite vocal on woman be harassed.  In fact, she has called on President Trump to resign due to alleged sexual harassment.  She has also been quite vocal on military sexual assault, in fact, she introduced legislation to revamp prosecution of military sexual assault.  As vocal as she is, her legislation continues to fail.  What she is not vocal about is NXIVM – a secretive group where women are branded and possibly brainwashed into slavery.  Some women, albeit they joined freely, after escaping, have gone to law enforcement for help and demanding an investigation into the group.   Since the group is located in New York and outside of NY, it would be logical for Senator Gillibrand to be involved.  If Senator Gillibrand is truly concerned about women, why not take on NXIVM. Especially since the Senator’s  father worked for NXIVM and left when he found out about troubling legal, possibly criminal matters, and discontinued his work in 2004.  Is Senator Gillibrand sincere or just grabbing headlines to further her career?

Sorry Governor Brown:  California’s ‘new normal’ of winter wildfires doused by climate scientists.

Andrew C. McCarthy wants to know in the Port Authority Jihadist Attack: Why the Rush to Civilian Court?

Anti-Trump dossier is imploding.

Rich Lowry opines in the NY Post about the new media standard: Too anti-Trump to check.

Kenneth Girardin  explains in an Empire Center article why “No layoff” clauses in government employee union contracts are almost always a bad idea.   

File this under:   Chutzpah

Daily Update

Education is the core of being successful.  Why then do avowed liberals undermine the educational process?  It is shameful that Mayor de Blasio and NYC  Chancellor Carmen Fariña do not put students first. 

Mayor de Blasio is putting your hard-earned tax dollars to poor use again.  As NYPD Sergeants union president Ed Mullins said: “There’s a long-standing statement that crime doesn’t pay. We’ve now proved it does.” 

The icing on the cake comes with Mayor de Blasio using his authority to demoralize by regulation businesses in New York City.

Obviously, Mayor de Blasio, doesn’t understand the economy that well.   The national rollback of regulations has put the US about 180 degrees from where we were last year, well on its way to real boom in business and putting people back to work  

Bill Hammond has two articles of interest in the latest from Empire Center.  First, Cuomo’s Essential dilemma, on New York’s Essential Plan, which will lose funds if, as reported, the Feds cut off a major portion of funding.  And second, Is Washington hooked on HIT, a $14.3B health insurance tax, which has surprisingly dodged the ax so far. 

George J. Marlin has a list of Nassau County’s winner and looses of 2017. 

Oh, how times have changed or have they really.  Valerie Richardson reminds us of Congressman Gerry Studds, first elected to Congress in 1972, but perhaps best known for his being censured by Congress in 1982 for an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old page.  The accusations continue with new names coming out almost daily..

Finally, CNN gets a story right

The Beat by Manhattan Institute gives us the facts we need to know on this morning’s Port Authority Attack.   One News Now has more on the attack here.   CBS covers the attack here. The Daily Mail includes footage of when the suicide vest went off.   The NY Post’s Metro section has articles and the suicide bomber’s background here.  (Photo Credit:  Metro US)


Weekly Wrap-Up

New numbers out this week once again prove that no matter what, President Trump’s boost to the economy cannot be ignored

And the President is keeping his campaign promises, including his decision this week to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It’s a geography lesson for the world that has, of course, prompted hysteria among the media and the left – even those like Sen. Dianne Feinstein who have supported the move in the past. 

Speaking of hypocrisy – Sen. Feinstein is undoubtedly impressed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York’s own “shape-shifting phony” (trust me, this article doesn’t mince words!). 

Meanwhile Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no longer even trying to hide the fact that New York is a “high-tax state” – but he refuses to acknowledge that this is why the new tax bill’s SALT provisions are hitting our state so hard. (And let’s not forget that people are already voting with their feet.)

What is your reaction to Andrew Cuomo bragging about New York’s high tax insanity? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

And then there’s the left’s dangerous obsession with Russia and the Robert Mueller investigation sparked by it.  It sure looks like a corrupt FBI gave Hillary a free pass, and now the pursuit of President Trump has been hopelessly politicized and maybe even DOA. The suspicious connections never seem to stop. 

What do you think is the BIGGEST problem with Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Donald Trump? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

Finally, the case of the Colorado baker who chose not to participate in a gay wedding and was subsequently punished should be a piece of cake for the Supreme Court.  Let’s hope so, because forcing people to go against their religious beliefs is bullying

What would you do if a baker in your area refused to bake a cake for you? That’s the third and final Weekly Poll question for you. 

Have a great weekend!

Daily Update

President Donald J. Trump on the 76th Remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The Conservative Party of New York State will never forget the heroes of December 7, 1941 and the heroes that still keep us safe in 2017.  We are eternally grateful to all of the Members of the Armed Services and their families for all they do today and every day to keep us out of harm’s way.  May God continue to bless America.

Chris Churchill is a reporter for the Albany Times Union (a newspaper that has a decidedly left bent) critiques Governor Cuomo’s reaction to the Congressional Tax Bill. Mr. Churchill is not a fan of the tax bill proposal, however, his comments on Governor Cuomo’s hyperbole are perfect. Mr. Churchill’s humor is evident in his column; however, in his closing, Mr. Churchill, points out the painful truth “… the essence of Cuomo’s argument, seven years into his tenure, is that tax reform will have an outsized effect on New York because the state’s taxes are still so burdensome — arguably higher than anywhere in the country.  Well, whose fault is that?” 

Congressman Chris Collins was Fred Dicker’s guest this morning; County Executive Molinaro (Dutchess County) was Mr. Dicker’s guest in the second half of Mr. Dicker’s Focus on the State Capitol show.  Mr. Molinaro will decide on his possible run for Governor by the end of the year. 

The Second Amendment has a big win in the House as it passes the  National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill.  Here is how the Daily Signal is reporting  its passage. 

David Keene writes about snookering the dealmaker, a thoughtful, honest column that explains the problems republicans face when  the chickens come home to roost.  This is just in from The Hill:  Pelosi: Dems will oppose short-term spending bill.

Sen. Al Franken will resign…in the coming weeks.   The NY Post editorial board had this to say regarding Sen. Franken’s fall.  Wednesday night Tucker Carlson called Senator Gillibrand “an opportunist and a phony” for previously covering for former President Clinton and now calling for Sen. Franken to resign.   You can watch the clip here

One very positive thing about all the social media and 24/7 news coverage is that we are more aware how often legislator – at every level – switch their minds and votes on issues.  Surprise: Feinstein Blasts Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem…Which She Voted For Multiple Times.   Here is what the National Review has to say about President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem.  Michael Goodwin believes President Trump made the right call. 

DACA is not what the democrats say it is.  Here are the facts.  

Katie Pavlich’s report on today’s House Judiciary Committee meeting:  Here’s How FBI Director Christopher Wray is Dealing With Political Bias at the FBI


Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s hyperbole, especially in light of the numerous sexual harassment disclosures in the past few months, reveals, once again, that Governor Cuomo is a bully who puts politics above all else.   New York has a spending problem and Governor Cuomo has done little to change New York’s spending despite running on platform of cutting spending.  This is what Andrew Cuomo said to Conservatives in February 2009. “New York’s government is too big, too many levels of government, and it’s too expensive.   That’s why we have the highest local tax burden in the country, because we’re paying for too much government.”  Seven years into Andrew Cuomo’s administration, New Yorkers are still paying for too much government, yet, Governor Cuomo says the Republican Congress “cripples” high-tax states like New York.  Governor, you have had seven years to bring New York’s taxes down, maybe, just maybe you will be forced to do so when the final tax bill is signed.  If not, how many New Yorkers will continue to live in New York to pay for too much government?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand hops on the politically expedient bandwagon by calling for Senator Franken’s resignation.  BREAKING: Franken to Make ‘Announcement’ on Thursday

Special Counsel Mueller may have some explaining to the citizens whose tax money he is using for a problem that seems to be a non-issue, political self-serving  hit.   (By the way, Mueller has spent more in 4 months than the Benghazi investigation spent in 2 years.)  Joseph Curl has this to say in the Washington Times regarding the imploding probe and Gregg Jarrett opines on the same subject for Fox News.   Corey Lewandowski was there (Find out soon, on our Events page, how you can obtain a copy of Let Trump be Trump autographed by both authors – Lewandowski and Bossie.) and says there was no collusion. 

An article that should make us take notice that the EMP threat is real and it is time for Congress to take the EMP Commission seriously. 

Seriously, Barack?  You are taking credit for the economy?  You must be back to smoking what you smoked in your college years.

Betsy McCaughey writes about a road map to move the tax cut into law. 

Obamacare’s Medical Standards Are Harming Our Medical System

Wednesday with Walter E. Williams.