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By Mike Long, on Jul 31, 2015

“Iran recently vowed to ‘trample on the United States,’” Investor’s Business Daily observes, highlighting the fallacy of the pending nuclear deal with the terrorist nation. “Mr. Obama may have paved the way.”

July 30, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Jul 30, 2015

Democratic Congresswoman, Grace Meng, from Queens, slams the Iran agreement.  “I strongly believe the world could and should have a better deal than that set forth in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which I will therefore oppose,” she said in a statement to the press. “I believe the inspections procedures set forth are flawed.”  

July 29, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Jul 29, 2015

Democrats clashed with Secretary Kerry over the Iran deal.  Secretary Kerry does not think Iran has a policy corresponding with the "Death to America" chants heard just two weeks ago. 

July 28, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Jul 28, 2015

A third video on the selling of aborted baby parts has been made public.  The footage shows medical professionals picking through trays of aborted fetal tissue for legs and other recognizable body parts.

July 27, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Jul 27, 2015

Congressman Eliot Engel finds some elements of the Iran Nuclear deal "very troubling" unlike Senator Schumer who is still mum on which way he will vote.  He must put is political aspirations aside and do all he can to #killthedeal.  Senator Gillibrand must be waiting for Senator Schumer to take a stand since she is also silent on how she will vote.