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By Mike Long, on Feb 12, 2016

“Things can’t get any worse” seems to be the defining theme for the “outsider” candidates in the 2016 presidential race. Charles Krauthammer assures us that, yes, things can get much worse – especially if America is allowed to sink into socialism and strong-arm totalitarianism. 

February 11, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 11, 2016

What is the Speaker thinking?  Why would anyone want to send the message that breaking the law, even if considered "low-level" is good policy?  Patrick Lynch is absolutely correct when he stated that "Lack of enforcement of quality-of-life laws endangers the health and welfare of everyone and makes the city a less attractive place to live, work or visit.”  We would add that ignoring the "low-level" infractions dilutes the seriousness of other infractions.

February 10, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 10, 2016

Sen. Sanders, fresh off his 20 percentage points win in New Hampshire over Hillary, met with the Rev. Al Sharpton this morning.  The crowd loves him, but we wonder how many are veterans.  In another article in the NY Post, former Lt. Gov.

February 9, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 9, 2016

Yesterday we told you that President Obama had a big surprise for those on Obamacare, today's bombshell news is that a senate report states that illegal immigrants have cost taxpayers up to $750 million in benefits they may not have been eligible for

February 8, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 8, 2016

Mayor de Blasio stated that it aims “to help overcome the biases that reside in all of us” and said it would help cops “identify, understand and change [their] unconscious behaviors," when he announced his plan for police to take "implicit bias" training this spring.  Undoubtedly, it is the Mayor's bias against police that drives his proposal!